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Release 2.0.1 Notes / 03-05-2018

New (released)

    KPIs and Business Intelligence has been an integral part of our product offering since the beginning. In this new module, we have added the provision for the user to create their own Custom Widgets. The user-friendly interface enables the users to build reports with ease and efficiency. This can be accessed via the top menu graph icon. Access to this is being carried out in a phased manner to ensure smooth transition and operations. We will be extending this to 15 accounts every week.
    Perfect tool to build any type of customs forms without coding! Custom templates allow you to create and use your own unique ‘starter’ forms. If you tend to use many of the same fields and settings in your forms, or if you want to use the same form across multiple active directory; this can be a huge time saver. Along with this, multiple enhancements have been made. New fields have been added for multi-select, checkboxes and pre-populated fields to auto fill the templates for the clients that use multi-tenant services. This is available for use via the Toolkit icon> Custom templates. 


    Show key metrics and live data in a slide view. Sharing your key metrics with other people in your organization is a key stage in the journey towards becoming data-driven. A highly effective way to achieve this is to use TV dashboard to display a selection of key data on a TV screen or monitor in a prominent area in your workplace. You can start using it by marking any user as TV User in User list. Once done, log into the system via this user and setup the rotation frequency on each dashboard tab. This user will not consume a license and will be designated for TV projections. 
  • REVISION HISTORYA new company password revision feature has been implemented. This would allow the user to view all revisions to a password record. In order to view the password revisions, click on a password record and then click on the green side bar to expand it. Click on the “Revisions” and it will show all revisions to that particular record. This functionality being extended to the entire application across all screens and sections. 
  • BULK OPERATIONSMultiple removal and update of assets has been introduced in this release. With this multiple configurations can be selected at once and updated or deleted accordingly.
    Two-step verification has been launched to enhance account security. This is also known as Two factor authentication. The first factor is still a traditional password associated with the User name. The second factor is a one-time password (OTP) generated by a software on a smartphone or text sent to a mobile device. 

New (releasing soon)



  • Some user experience tweaks have been performed on Password list view where on mouse hover, the dialog appears.
  • Performance enhancements have been done on all list views. The time it takes to load the data in lists has been decreased.
  • A few validations have been build while integrating with ScreenConnect.
  • The timer on session expiry has been decreased to 5 seconds.


  • In Feedback Results, clicking on a survey response was not displaying any information. This has now been fixed.
  • In some cases, the servers in Company dashboard were shown as Offline. This was corrected in this release.
  • The “Questions” marked as inactive in ConnectWise Manage were still appearing upon viewing the configuration as well as on the “Add New Configuration” page. This has now been fixed.
  • The deleted companies audit log was not being maintained accurately in the system. It has been fixed accordingly now.
  • On the dashboard widgets, the system was not saving the settings when service board filter was selected.
  • Integration preferences in Advanced setting were not being updated after selection.
  • In few cases, External users were not able to access all the menu options that were allotted to them.
  • When users try to log via MFA then in some cases it was going into a non responding state preventing the user to log into the system. This has been fixed.
  • In PSA ticket mapping, the boards were not appearing in an alphabetical order properly. This has been addressed.
  • In some odd scenario, the admin toolkit icon was disappearing for users who have enabled two factor authentication. This has now been addressed.
  • There was an issue identified when adding new users. This was appearing right after adding more licenses to the account and then adding new users. This is now handled.
  • In some cases, accessing documentation of a company, such as, Locations, Contacts, or Knowledge-bases; This was not correctly fetching the records of selected company. These have now been fixed.
  • Few deleted companies were shown in Search results. This has been addressed.
  • Warnings / errors appearing in development console has been addressed in this release as well.
  • Company Dashboard items were allowed to be updated by External users. Now this has been restricted to all external type users.
  • ScreenConnect was unable to connect to a remote machine in some cases and was showing an error “waiting to retry”. This has been resolved now.
  • In few cases, when creating an external user and sending invitation link to activate account, the “Password Save Button” was not appearing on the account activation screen. This has now been fixed.
  • If two or more companies had the same identifier, an “invalid identifier” error was appearing halting the merge process. This has now been resolved.
  • In few cases, In the search results on Global Search, Documentation Snapshot and Company Sidebar Pull, some duplicate and irrelevant results were appearing. These have now been fixed.
  • In the Configuration Record, the Section “Question Details” was not retrieving the data from ConnectWise. This has now been fixed.
  • A bug that was moving the page scroller to the top of the page upon deleting a record from the bottom of global KB list page, has now been fixed.
  • Notification Popup on editing of Password was not showing in Firefox. This has now been fixed.
  • In the Master Data Table, when update “Contact Type”; it was removing “contact type” in the Contact Record on Add and Edit Screen. This has now been fixed.
  • Upon editing a contact record, if there was some data in the field “Phone Number”, then the contact record was showing error and record was not saving. This has now been fixed.
  • On Global Dashboard when open the list by clicking the widgets “Assets Warranty and Domain/SSL Expiry”; the listed records were not opening on click in a new window . This has now been fixed.
Updated on March 5, 2018

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