For every session a unique token is generated which starts with zero age. Inactivity from the user is recorded for every session and it times out after reaching a certain threshold. This is required for your own protection and this greatly reduces the chances that someone else will access your information if you forgot to log out.

Same user login

This is observed when you or someone else has also logged in to your account using a different computer / device. One user license is only permissible to use account at one time. Simultaneous logins are not allowed.

If you’re repeatedly being logged out of your account or having problems logging in you’ll want to check several things:

  • The date on your computer is set incorrectly. Account login is done using cookies and tokens which are dependent upon the date being set correctly on your computer.  Make sure your computer’s date and time are set correctly.
  • Your web browser is set to reject cookies.  Please turn on cookie support to enable account login.
  • You have a security program running that overrides cookies so you have to disable this while working in your account.

If you can confirm that cookies are enabled in your browser and you’re still receiving a “Session Expired” notice, the issue could be that you need to clear out the cache and cookies on your internet browser before logging in with your current password.

Here is a link with helpful information to help you clear your browser’s cache: