Discover 5 Efficiency Upgrades in ITBoost V4

Posted: 11/11/2020 | By: Ali Peracha

Focusing on efficiency and ease of use, the ITBoost®, a ConnectWise solution, V4 product update is simplifying processes to power a faster user experience. We know that delivering services correctly and quickly is essential to earning and keeping new contracts in this turbulent time of the pandemic. This update aims to help you further demonstrate your organization’s ability to be a steady source of technical help no matter what your clients are facing. Here are five benefits you can expect to receive from the most recent ITBoost product update:

1. Discover IT Assets Faster

Documenting a client’s environment manually could take days. Given the current COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s just not practical. Sending techs on-site to document environments could not only create a liability for your practice, but it could also expose your valued customers and talented technicians to potential health threats. Moving to a remote-first approach until the health threat has passed not only minimizes your company’s liability, but also protects your tech talent and demonstrates your dedication to your client’s well-being.

For these reasons, ITBoost now offers Asset Discovery. Leveraging Asset Discovery can save a technician hours of time per client by removing the need for them to go on site or into each cloud portal, search for information, and then document the assets they find. ITBoost’s new Asset Discovery feature automates the entire process. 

Asset Discovery enables partners to auto discover and collect granular asset data and other details from supported cloud integrations, which include Microsoft Azure®, Amazon AWS™, Microsoft 365™, Cisco® Miraki®, Webroot, Datto Backup, and TLS/SSL.

Using the automated discovery tool built into ITBoost, partners gain an up-to-date and complete picture of each customer’s assets without needing to invest in manual collection efforts. Partners can also schedule ITBoost to check for changes at a predetermined time and update the records with any changes it finds.

What’s more, assets discovered by the Asset Discovery module can now be easily linked and attached to other assets in ITBoost—e.g. knowledge base articles, passwords, configurations, and custom assets—eliminating the need for your managed services provider (MSP) to sign up for a standalone Asset Discovery tool in addition to an IT documentation tool. With ITBoost, users now have an all-in-one IT documentation and asset discovery tool.

2. Update Your Knowledge Base in One Click

Based on partner feedback, we’ve provided a more direct path to updating knowledge base articles. In the past, this process took several clicks. Now, a single click from the tree view gets users precisely where they need to be to update important documentation. And as we all know, when the knowledge base is kept evergreen, it can create helpful efficiencies for the whole tech team—minimizing costly mistakes, improving service delivery outcomes, and eliminating pesky repeat questions to senior team members, which frees them to focus on more strategic projects. 

3. Resize Global Dashboard Widgets

Every organization uses ITBoost a bit differently. What matters to your practice might be inconsequential to the next. For this reason, the V4 ITBoost update gives users the ability to resize global dashboard widgets. Enlarge what you want to draw attention to and minimize less critical items, so your team can find what they need faster.  

4. Fetch Only Essential Data

Instead of pulling in everything each time, ITBoost APIs now only fetch required data based on the action being performed. This change improves application efficiency, empowering techs to perform critical duties much faster, improving client satisfaction, and reducing tech frustration and client churn. Essential tasks can now be completed faster than ever before possible.   

5. Transition to Microservice Application Architecture

ITBoost V4 moves away from a monolithic application architecture to a microservice approach that improves scalability, increases availability, and speeds up deployments. Users can expect to enjoy quicker than ever load times and enhanced responsiveness throughout the entire application as a result of this performance improvement.   

See Why MSPs Choose ITBoost for IT Discovery & Documentation 

When it comes to IT documentation, there are so many options. The same goes for IT asset discovery, however, few solutions deliver a single solution that can do both asset discovery and documentation, and only one solution integrates with the ConnectWise platform. ITBoost can be your MSP’s one-stop ConnectWise solution for IT asset discovery and IT documentation. Sign up for a live demo now.