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1h 14min
The Computer Repair Podcast #312 – ITBoost: The One IT Documentation System
An IT documentation system that makes a difference ITBoost, IT documentation system by ConnectWise, has a versatile dashboard that hosts the most advanced documentation solution in the industry, and displays the numbers you actually need to see from your external platforms.
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IT Documentation
Best Practices for Documenting Client Networks
We’ve all been there – a new client signs up for service, and before you know it they’re opening tickets and expecting stellar response and resolution times from us. LET’S STOP THE MADNESS and implement best practices for On-Boarding and Documenting their networks so we have a real opportunity to exceed their expectations.
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IT Documentation
Eliminate Scope Creep and Scope Seep Once and For All
Best practices for project design, risk, change and communication management and conducting effective client kickoff meetings are crucial to the growth of a well-oiled project management and implementation team.
Business Intelligence
How to On-Board New Clients and Document Their Environments
You’ll learn how to: On-board new clients the right way every time, reduce new client On-boarding time, increase client satisfaction right from the start of a new relationship, and much, more
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IT Documentation
Increasing Help Desk Efficiencies Best Practices
During this Webcast you’ll learn the most common areas to address that drive inefficiency and increase costs in delivering your help desk services.
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Managed Services
1h 2min
Secure File Sharing Tips for Techs & Clients
It’s one thing to document your client networks – a critical process that can increase service efficiencies 30% or higher – but how do you securely store, share and update it?
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IT Documentation
1h 26min
ITBoost Update - What's New?
Joined by Ali from ITBoost, IT documentation system by ConnectWise, to learn about some of the big changes they’ve made so far this year.
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Company Updates
1h 24min
A new breed of documentation for Your MSP
Steve Taylor is an expert at using MSP tools, having used nearly every RMM and PSA tool at least twice. Steve loves tinkering with new software and gadgets and showing them off to anyone that’s interested.
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Managed Services