Best-in-class IT documentation and knowledge management for TSPs

ITBoost simplifies the way TSPs service their customers through centralized documentation and knowledge management

Explore the features that make ITBoost a trusted solution for top performing TSPs.

Centralized Documentation

Keep your business operating efficiently with your important documentation centralized inside ITBoost. ITBoost makes knowledge management easy by keeping everything your team needs in one single place.

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ConnectWise PSA Integration

Your teams will stay connected to the information they need where they're already working, in your PSA. With ConnectWise PSA, the ITBoost Overlay brings the documentation your team needs directly to the screen they're already working on.

ConnectWise End-User Portal Integration

Empower your customers with self-service knowledge base articles directly through the ConnectWise End-User Portal. Not only will you improve your customers' experience, you'll also reduce the burden on your technical team!

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Standard Operating Procedures

Streamline and standardize the way your team approaches different processes and take advantage of pre-built SOPs. By standardizing the way you approach routine tasks in your business, you create a culture of accountability, and both your team and your customers know what to expect.

Asset Discovery

Auto discover and collect granular asset data, along with other details, from new cloud integrations for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Office365, Webroot, Datto Backup, Cisco Meraki and TLS/SSL.

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BrightGauge Integration

Understanding Knowledge Base article health and having insights into upcoming expirations are easy with our integration to BrightGauge. By having ITBoost as an integrated datasource, you will enjoy prebuilt dashboards that give you the information you need to maintain healthy documentation.

One-click onboarding

For ConnectWise PSA partners, ITBoost onboarding takes just one click. By enabling ITBoost from within PSA, a data sync is initiated and the time to get started is drastically reduced.

ConnectWise offers Business Management Packages to streamline your entire business.
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Explore More Ways your TSP can use ITBoost

Time-based One-time Passwords

Generate time-based one-time passwords from directly within ITBoost to securely access cloud applications. 

VoIP Integrations

Make it easy for anyone answers customer calls to provide seamless customer service by having everything you need pop up automatically.

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Custom Templates

Create templates for your knowledge base articles and standard operating procedures (SOPs), that support your business needs while maintaining standardization across your entire team.

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Expiration Tracking

Get notifications for approaching expirations, whether it's an SSL certification, a domain, or an asset. Your team will have time to remedy without business interruptions for you or your customers!

Password Management

Securely track passwords in the ITBoost password vault. With deep control over user access, these passwords stay securely stored for admin use. You can even generate password reports, giving you deep insight into password audit trails.

Simple Navigation

Speed up the time it takes to find what you need. ITBoost's easy-to-use global search makes it a breeze to get what you need when you need it with categorized results and the ability to tag documents.