Explore the Benefits of Custom Templates In ITBoost

Knowledge Base Articles for Every Need

A library of pre-built KB articles cover a variety of issues, and customization allows you to fit articles into your business’s support needs.

Standardization Across Techs

Create structure and consistent support for every tech, from general support issues to complex problem-solving.

Build Customizable Templates From Scratch

Every business is different. Create templates from the ground up to give each client the specific attention they deserve.

Unmatched IT Documentation

From dashboards to customizable KB article templates to VoIP integrations, ITBoost takes your IT documentation to the next level. Try ITBoost for free for 14 days and experience next-gen IT documentation firsthand.

Explore More ITBoost Features


Having critical business information easily accessible and simple to understand, your team works better, and your clients get the support they deserve. Learn how dashboards in ITBoost can transform your data and your customer service.

VoIP Integrations

With Ring Central and Jive VoIP integrations, on-screen prompts delivers all the information your techs need to provide a seamless and consistent customer support experience.

Features Overview

Having access to accurate IT documentation and client information can make or break your support. Discover the features in ITBoost that bring your most important business data together in one place.


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